This Diwali protect your home from electrical hazards

This Diwali protect your home from electrical hazards

The Diwali celebrations is the best of all festivals, but whether you are celebrating at home, or decorating your shop or business premises; you need to be sure that your outdoor lighting is safe. In India its like ritual to celebrate this festival by cleaning, renovating, replacing and refurbishing things and decorating their homes and business premises. While keeping in mind with all the celebrations some overlook the safety parts relating to electrical wires. Afterall Diwali is a festival of lights and its a true festival exported to the world.

In earlier days Diwali is celebrated by lighting candles and lighting lamp. After then lights took the electric form of electric chain of small bulbs or connected in series. The basic things to examine electrical wires that covers all around the residence and connects all types of devices and appliances. As wire connectivity are the most important things and work as backbone and reviewing them periodically is very important. 

Let’s check 4 small ways to secure yourself from electrical hazards this Diwali-

  1. Restore & Verify Old wire

Taking the basic thing first i.e electrical wiring. Electrical wire is the most important and after some time due to wear and tear of wires and cables it becomes less trustworthy. After 25-30 years, electrical products become more susceptible to crumbling insulation, faulty switches and frayed wiring as they become vulnerable to overheating and potentially start a fire. It is always better to replace and keep yourself safe from such mishappening. 

      2.  Check for quality and safety test 

It is important to check the quality that ensures yourself against electrical hazards. The normal reasons through which the cables can be some visible sign like damaged wire, sparks and any fluctuations while plugging any appliances. Nowadays modern houses have already installed electrical systems which minimises these small problems. Although it is always advisable to get an annual check done.

       3.  Measure insulation resistance and resulting current

As property and life both stays on risk when we think of Electrical Hazards. Therefore it is a must to check periodically all the wires and cables installed at our residence. There are various types of testers which analyses between active and proactive conductors by joining them to the grounding system like earthing system to check resistance. Insulation tester is the best way that eliminates all small risks like short circuits and earthing faults. Through yearly checkups it avoids undesirable changing costs and helps us to avoid dangerous electrical hazards. 

      4. Avoid Overloading Your Extension Cords

Extension Cords are the most useful accessories in Diwali as it provides flexibility during electrical power cable. Thus we have to always consider that we should not overburden the extension cords with various high voltage appliances and doing this can be dangerous. Every extension cord has the capacity to transfer current through it but doing excess from that will be dangerous and can harm the appliances. It is always advisable to buy extension cord by keeping in mind the usage of appliances to be used through extension cord. Better will be to go through getting permanent outlets through which these electrical hazards can be avoided. Additionally everyone must avoid using damaged appliances and consider replacing them.

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