Aluminium wire vs Copper Wire

Aluminium Wire vs Copper Wire

While constructing homes or remodel or rewire they are always confused between Copper wiring and aluminium wiring. Whenever it comes to select wire for home and personal use everyone should must focus on safety and durability. Therefore copper wire should be the priority for home wiring because it is more stable metal with high conductivity and resistivity. 

Aluminum Wiring

In early 80’s aluminium has been the choice for wiring power grids when the companies began to construct modern power distribution system. Aluminum has its own advantages like it is lightweight that copper and easy to do permanent wire connection and because it is far cheaper, it is used on larger scale power distribution. 

Earlier the residential construction industry often used aluminum for the entire house because aluminium is easier than copper to work with. Which makes more practical for smaller electronic devices and long distance connections. 

But as the time passes they come to know that aluminium does not react the same way copper reacts which opened a home up to wealth of electrical issues and dangers down the line.

Aluminum Movement

Aluminium wiring has some characteristics like whenever current passes through aluminium wiring, it heats it up and expands the wiring more than it would do in copper. And as aluminium heats up more than copper when the wiring does move away from electrical fixtures and connection, it could potentially start a fire. 

Aluminum Rusting

Rusting is also plays an important role as it is more responsive to rusting over time as compared to copper. Although copper and aluminium both has the same rusting issue. However when copper rusts the oxidized metal is still conductive but when aluminium rust, typically white in color is not conductive and can cause for electrical restrictions. When this occurs the aluminium wire can heat up further creating a fire hazard.

When it comes to cost, aluminium wire is about half that of copper and that affordability can make a substantial difference is why aluminium wiring is a popular choice for the power grid. The main motive of using aluminium wire over copper wire to cut down the cost of an electrical wiring project. But the cost savings come with many cost issues and when you are planning an electrical wiring project, it is best  to choose the safer and more durable electrical wiring option.

Copper Wiring

Most of the electrical wire are using copper wire for most of the purposes like power generation, transmission, distribution, and circuitry as copper provide more conductivity and durability. Although copper is expensive as compared to aluminium And that is why it is the only disadvantage of copper wiring.

Copper Durability

The main advantage of copper is its strength and flexibility. Flexibility makes the installation easy. Conductivity is high in copper which requires small conductors and due to its toughness it ensures connections will remain solidly secured. Copper it enough flexible as it can be twisted without any risk of breaking.

Should You Use Alum

Because of the electrical issues surrounding aluminum wire, copper wire is the better choice for long term wiring solutions. The cost of replacing copper wiring years down the line will more than outweigh the cost of investing a little more to install copper wiring the first time.

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