How Electric Cables Make Wiring Safer and Effective

How Electric Cables Make Wiring Safer and Effective

Copper is the best conductor to transmit electric power and for manufacturing cables. Conductor can be of any type and it depends according to the need which varies on efficiency and price. Copper conductors are used to transfer electrical energy from one place to another. More the better conductor will be, there will be guaranteed maximum electrical conductivity. Being the advantage of high electrical and thermal conductivity, Copper is the best choice for manufacturing electrical wires. Copper can withstand high mechanical strength which is mainly used in high tensile wire.

Why do you need to buy special cables?

The most common conductors used to make electric cables are copper and aluminium. These two conductors are best for transmission of electric cables. Stranded Copper Wire are mostly used because stranded wire offers higher flexibility. There should be two points to be kept in mind to transfer electrical power are: 1. High conductivity 2. Low resistivity. Copper and aluminium both provide high conductivity and low resistivity and can be used for excellent cables manufacturing. Copper has a high melting point than aluminium. Copper provides more toughness while fighting against short circuit. As it can be seen that copper wire is more used because it is stronger. And due to high density it slightly less flexible compared to aluminium. Copper wire are mostly used were heavy appliances and industrial plants are used. 

What are the advantages of using copper wires for making special cables?

Excellent Conductor of Electricity: Copper is an excellent conductor of electricity; no other metal can compete with it in terms of electrical conductivity. The wires made of this reddish metal are capable of carrying comparatively more electric current per diameter of wire. In other words, these wires deplete less electrical charge in comparison to other wires when an electric current passes through them. 

Very Ductile Metal: Copper is a very ductile metal, which means that it could be stretched to a good length without breaking or weakening it. This property is crucial from the point of view of drawing wires out of any metal. The reddish metal stands well on this parameter.

High Temperature Tolerance: As we know that electrical wires take current from one place to another. In such a situation, when high voltage current passes through a wire its surface temperature becomes high. There is constant rise and fall in the temperature of high-tension electric lines. Not every wire could sustain such fluctuation in temperature, but copper wire can. This special property makes these wires long-lasting.

Abundant Quantity: According to several geological surveys, copper is present in abundant quantities under the earth’s crust. It was found in this survey that the total amount of this reddish metal only in the top 1 km layer of the earth’s crust is 1014 tons approx. This amount is estimated to be enough for the next 5 million years at the present extraction rate.

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