Dignity Cables

Important Precautions for Installation of Electric Cables

  1. The cables and wiring external to the equipment must have flame retardant properties and should be installed in such a manner that it should not interfere with the original flame retarding properties.
  2. Cables and wirings for emergency equipment, lightings, communication, and the signal should be kept away from spaces like galley, laundries, machinery space of category A & other high-risk areas.
  3. Special precautions are to be taken for cable installation in the hazardous area as it might lead to an explosion in case of an electrical fault.
  4. Terminations and joints are to be made in such a manner that it should retain its original fire resisting properties.
  5. Avoid cable for damage and chafing during installation.
  6. Fireproof glands to be used in case of the cable passing through the bulkhead as it would prevent the fire from one compartment to other.
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