Qualities of PVC Insulated Copper Wire

Qualities of PVC Insulated Copper Wire

Electrical wiring and appliances mostly use copper wires because it is a very good conductor of electricity and broadly used in various forms and sector. PVC has its own advantages as it is safe and it’s very easy to pass electricity through it. PVC does not get heated quickly. As it is very durable and can be assembled easily and can be bend also. Although PVC copper wire is affordable and easily available. The main use of PVC wires are in electric motors and panel boards. The meaning and composition of PVC is Polyvinyl Chloride and is preferred between all types of plastic because of its main advantage that it prevents fire.

Copper PVC insulated wires

Copper PVC wires are built with strong and is highly corrosion resistant and offers dimensional accuracy. Because of its sturdy design, corrosion resistance and rust proof features it is broadly used and very popular. This happens because of highly qualified professionals that are hired by the manufacturers. Manufacturers follows strict regulations and use high quality material and metal with the latest technologies. Wires are manufactured and customized as per the requirements of customers. PVC wires are vastly used for electrical distribution and controlling them. Before releasing them into market manufacturers conduct various tests. PVC wires are completely safe, shockproof, waterproof and very flexible.

PVC wires are strong and adapt easily into all types of weather conditions. They are permanent solution and low flexible installations. Multiple strands improves the longevity of the copper wire. Single stranded copper wire is used as magnets in motors and transformers.

It is important for Indian manufacturers to match the quality of international standards. Because of high quality PVC it ensures high level optimum performance. Through Strong compound PVC it retains purity and conductivity. To make wires and cables affordable it can be made according to customers requirements. PVC wires are highly reliable and ensure smooth flow of current through the electric lines.

Advantages of copper and its wide usage

Copper is available in various forms and as copper is a good conductor of electricity it is used along with PVC coated electrical wires. These PVC coated wires are best and can perform in any environment and and give great resistance to heat, water, fluid and rough installations. Due to PVC coating it works for long time and carries low maintenance cost. PVC controls and prevents short circuits and prevents from fire. Both copper and PVC decrease the heat caused by dissipation and making it useful in energy efficient systems. PVC compound are strong but flexible to be used in any form.

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