Reasons which will push you to shift on Dignity Cables

It is very important that you should always be safe while using electricity opr handling any electrical appliance. Wires and power cords are very essential components which make sure that the flow of electricity should not face any problem. Although sizes play a very important role in the flow of electricity. Quality of electrical wire will always effect and can face problems like damage of applications, high electricity cost and many more. It is very crucial that you must choose a reliable and best quality wires and cables like Dignity wires and cables. Our Brand Dignity Cables provide various unique features which are mentioned below:- 

Water Resistant and Fire Retardant

Water resistant and fire retardant both aspects are necessary when you consider safety  and various electrical hazards. It is very important that you should be safe while using electrical appliances and industrial machinery. However wires and cables are very important in these aspects and due to poor wiring it can lead to serious repercussions such as an electrocution or fire accidents. Our PVC insulated wire and cable are made to withstand high thermal stability and can handle high operating temperature. Dignity Wires and cables are made of fresh PVC material which provide proper insulation. We provide approx 0.65 cm PVC insulation thickness which is the best recommendation. Our PVC can withstand various climate change and prevent various voltage fluctuations and short circuits.

A brand with superb quality in cables

Dignity Wires holds 40 of market experience and comes with a wide range of products. Dignity wires and cables are known for its superior quality performance. Our wire quality compete with best brand and give tight competition to them. We always assure that our wire should provide higher conductivity which is possible due to electrolytic bare copper. Our wires are approved from various quality and electrical safety standards, these wires are ISI & ISO marked and approved. We keep in mind that the safety should be the first priority and wires can be easily used in houses that’s why we use superior quality Copper and PVC.

Co-Axial & CCTV cables: These main purpose of these cables to transmit data. Ideally, these cables are 304 meter long and can be used for data transmission across short distances. A wide range of cables are available such as Cat 6, RG-6, RG-11, Camera wire (3+1) (4+1) (6+1).

Power cables: They are used for underground transmission of electric power in residential complexes and commercial buildings.

Durability and energy efficiency

Durability is yet another striking feature of Dignity wires and cables. The superior quality copper wire used in its manufacturing makes it extremely resistant to rusts and pests.  Also, due to various energy efficient technologies, these wires will definitely help you cut down on your electric bill.

Our company provides various types of after sales support which is backed by our good exchange and return policies.

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