Tips to save your electricity bill this summer.

1- Use power strips. Did you know that electronics like your lamp or phone charger are still using power, even if your phone isn’t actually plugged in? Power sucks as these can vastly increase your power bill. Consolidate cords and save energy, plug them into a power strip, and turn them off when not in use.

2- Energy-efficient technology, invest in future savings plus sustainability. LED and fluorescent light bulbs are a great investment and easy change. They last a lot longer and use much less energy. Fluorescent tube lights and CFLs are five times more efficient than ordinary bulbs and thus save about 70% of electricity.

3- Air conditioners: Use your room air conditioner at 25°C and shade your home’s windows and walls which will reduce your electricity costs by as much as 40 percent.Use Fans which will allow air movement to cool the room.

4- Refrigerators: Keep refrigerators away from all sources of heat, including direct sunlight, the oven, and cooking range and allow enough space for continuous airflow around the refrigerator.

5- Microwave Ovens & Electric Kettles: Microwaves save energy by reducing cooking time. In fact, you can save up to 50 percent on your cooling energy costs by using a microwave instead of a regular oven, especially for small quantities of food. And if you are cooking more than 1 item, Place larger and thicker items outside. Use an electric kettle to heat water as it is more energy-efficient.

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