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Top 5 tips for cable management.

Cables, ugh! They bunch up like ramen noodles under your desk or behind your desk on the floor. I know many of you have your own special ways of dealing—or not dealing—with cables. Please indulge me, and check out these five tips for cable management.

  1. Tie them up: There are simple tips that can ease your wire management. You can keep cords together and use simple zip to tie them so they don’t splay out from tie. Velcro zip ties are handy if you move cords from one place to another and need to move always. By tying them up your wire will be much tidy and easy for handling. 
  2. Labeling: This tip will actually help everyone. When you look at your power strip, you can always remember which wall port belongs to which device. However a lot of plugs having the same color looks the same, so it will be easy for you when you label them so you don’t have to trace it back. You can use this tip in various things like the same thing goes for HDMI cables going to a TV.
  3. Hide those cables: It is also important that wire should look good and tidy. Therefore you can wrap them in foam insulation or a paper towel tube. Some more things will help you like a shoebox and other boxes can be used with some cutouts to bundle cables together out of sight. Wire basket will also be a good option to bundle them.
  4. Binder clips: Those who want that when they unplug the wire and leave on your desk, this tip will be very good from them. Instead of hoping they will not fall behind your desk. In this everyone can attach a binder clip to edge of your desk and run the cable through one of the wire parts you use to squeeze the clip.
  5. Wireless: Things are getting better and better day by day. Technologies are improving always as wifi and Bluetooth are replacing wires. This one won’t work for everything, but it’s becoming a viable replacement for cable equipment all the time, so might be worth reevaluating.

I hope you found these tips out of sight—like your cables!

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