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Why Stranded wire is better than solid wire?

When we compare solid wire and stranded wire, Stranded wire are far more flexible compared to solid wire. It is more considered when you need a wire which has to be moved around often, for instance, like the wires in a robot arm. Apart from these, the solid wire is mostly used where there is no such movement like circuits on beadboard and etc.

While choosing the types of wiring for any electrical project you must focus on various important factors. Most factors depend on the kind of application you want and the amperage. Apart from that, you have to focus on the right gauge and the type of metal wire which will be highly suitable for your work. When it comes to choosing the right wire for your project, an expert will see the differences between the stranded wire and solid wire.

Where you can use the stranded wire?

Stranded wire is going to have many thin wires that are braided or twisted together to make one cohesive bunch of wires, while on the same side solid wire will be made up of one metalcore. Both wires are suitable for domestic and commercial usage but each wire and its strengths and weaknesses. The strengths and weaknesses will help you decide which wire will be suitable for your application. That is why the stranded wire is used for more intricate and sophisticated use like in circuit boards and electronic devices. The Solid wire, however, is typically used for all rugged-duty applications and outdoor uses where their wire are going to exposed to very adverse climates. While in the stranded wire are going to be well protected even though they may be twisted or bent while you use them to connect with electronic components.

There are various advantages of solid wire, the biggest advantages are the simplicity of use, durability, and costs. As the solid wire comprises of only one metal core, therefore the chances of its damages are very less. But the stranded wire will perform best when you use them for bending and twisting like making of the circuit. They are most often used for vehicular applications and for robotics. While on the same hand solid wire is of no use because they have no flexibility and strength to withstand such reshaping or frequent movements. When you are required for a lot of reshaping the stranded wires are the best option.

When it comes to cost, it is always necessary to see the costs which will be used in the long term. The solid wire will require less investment for the first time as compared to the more expensive stranded wire. But the stranded wire will last more whenever it comes to reshaping of wires and frequent alterations. The bare stranded copper wire gets made from electrolytic grade copper. Therefore you have to be alert while you choose a manufacturer which complies with global quality standards.

The submersible cable

These cables are mostly used to work in marine environments. This wire has the capabilities of providing electrical power even in wet conditions. The rubber and plastic coating are the main reasons why it has been able to do so. This plastic coating allows the cables to withstand all liquid substances like oil, water or grease. Due to its robust mechanical and electrical properties of the wires are always protected from oil or water. Such cables can be found in single or multiple conductors. There are various shapes and sizes which are designed according to the usage. They are mostly used for pump motors. Other uses are for irrigation systems, Underground mining, and drilling works. When you buy these cables, you must focus on the manufacturer which can offer you quality products at affordable rates.


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